Services are offered based on our clients’ specific needs:

Preconstruction and Preliminary Budgets

  • Budgets are requested by some of our clients to better understand how much their project is going to cost to build. We happily supply this information. If the budget is what is expected, the client may decide to put the project out to bid or negotiate the price with us exclusively.
  • Some of our clients request budgets for financing purposes, and ask us to assist with this information.
  • When we are asked for a bid proposal, our preconstruction department produces a complete take-off or your project so that there are no surprises later during construction that can lead to change orders or missed scopes of work.

General Construction and Construction Management

  • As your General Contractor, we have control over the construction of your project by dedicating a Project Superintendent to your project.
  • Your Project Superintendent manages the subcontractors to ensure that they are on the job when needed, that their work is done according to the drawings and specifications, and done safely.
  • Your Project Manager processes the submittals, requests for information, contracts with the subcontractors, and pay requests. The Project Manager communicates several times a day with the Project Superintendent regarding schedule and budget matters. Communication is critical for a successful project.
  • We use state-of-the-art software to keep the communication flow going to assist us in managing your project. It keeps data in real time, is accessible to both field and office, and is used to keep your project focused.
  • We are "Client-Driven": once you are a client, you are always a client, no matter the size of the construction request.


  • Emerald has much experience being part of the Design/Build team, joining the Architect and Owner early in the design process.
  • By joining the design process early, we can help reduce costs and shorten the overall schedule by offering our expertise on constructability issues and value engineering.
  • As the design documents are being produced, we provide budgets during the process to help the team assess the costs and help keep the budget where it needs to be.
  • During the process, we select and interview appropriate subcontractors that will add value to the project and will help with the budget and quality of the project.
  • All of our budgets, subcontractor interviews, and subcontractor bids are “open book” for all team members to share.
  • The Design/Build process is truly a “team” process, and increases communication early in the project. It is preferred over the design/bid/build process.

Tilt-Up Concrete Panel Construction

  • A construction type where the concrete panels that are the walls are actually poured and formed at the site, then “tilted” up after curing, forming the walls of the structure. This type of construction is sometimes more cost-effective than conventional types of construction, and less time-consuming.
  • The size of the panel is not limited to the size of a truck, as in “pre-cast” concrete panels.
  • The concrete panels are excellent fire retardants and can stand up to high winds.