Emerald is proud to offer you the following “Client-Driven” advantages:

  1. A complete take-off is done on your project (we count all door frames, square feet of carpet, etc.) to ensure that we know your project completely so nothing is missed during the bid proposal process or later during construction.

  2. The right subcontractors are selected from our subcontractor database built over 20 years for excellent coverage and competitive pricing.

  3. Because of our experience, we offer viable alternatives to meet budgetary demands if value engineering is required.

  4. Communication is critical for a successful project.
    • You have access at all times to your Project Manager, Project Superintendent and Principal-in-Charge via cell phone and email
    • Weekly agenda-led progress meetings are held with you to review the status of your project and upcoming events
    • Meeting minutes are distributed 24 hours after the meeting to further communicate the results of the meeting
    • Weekly agenda-led subcontractor meetings are held on-site to keep subcontractors focused on the project schedule, safety issues, and what is expected
    • Your Project Superintendent offers proactive solutions to problems in the field to your Architect to keep the schedule moving and costs in check

  5. A Project Superintendent is dedicated to your project only to keep the project on schedule, the subcontractors working safely, and the project on budget.

  6. A “running” punch list is kept so that punch items are corrected as we complete the project, not at the end to delay the schedule and your move-in date.

  7. After the project is completed, we offer our partnership to you for as long as you need us, for any construction question or request.