Ellen Shaw de Paredes Institute for Women's Imaging

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The Ellen de Paredes Institute for Women's Imaging project involved renovation and expansion of this thriving practice. The schedule - 47 days - was met, all while the practice remained operational and patients were being seen! Emerald worked closely with the project's design team, Hummel Associates, a repeat client, to ensure that Dr. Paredes' exact requirements were met. "Communication was excellent. I was amazed at the professionalism that the entire staff exhibited. I understand renovation work, having done many projects before. This project is by far above the rest. Everything went so smoothly!" Alice Shaw, Office/Business Manager

Advantages for the Institute: Emerald's sense of urgency and ability to work evenings, weekends, and during the day in an operational facility without disrupting schedules made this project possible. Constant communication kept all parties involved in the fast-paced progress.