McGeorge Rolling Hills RV Super Center

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The McGeorge Rolling Hills RV Super Center is Emerald's second facility for this Owner, a repeat customer. Emerald built the first tilt-up McGeorge Rolling Hills RV Super Center in Northlake Business Park in 2001. After a very successful few years and a need to expand, this second new facility is larger, 27,633 sf, and state-of-the-art. The front portion is constructed of tilt-up concrete panels and contains the administration areas, retail sales, parts department. The rear area, constructed of pre-engineered metal and concrete block, contains eight bays for servicing RV's. The project also consisted of management of 7 acres of challenging site work. 

Advantages for McGeorge RV: As a repeat client, this Owner knew that Emerald was an extension of the McGeorge Team, representing McGeorge to the County when an issue arose, seeking other avenues to solve problems to meet deadlines, and being creative to meet cost issues. McGeorge Roling Hills RV is now in an exciting new facility that is the second largest single RV dealership in the world!