Brandermill Church

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The Brandermill Church project involved an addition to the church of classrooms and an industrial-grade kitchen. We constructed the addition without distruption to the ongoing schedule of the kindergarten/day care center or the functions of the church. We also implemented extra safety precautions for the children and the public. Emerald was sensitive to noise and dust control since the administrative offices were also nearby the construction area. “The project went extremely well. Emerald worked closely with the County when unexpected challenges occurred, and got us back on track quickly.The entire Emerald team kept communication flowing so that the staff knew what to expect at all times. By all means we would work with Emerald again.” Fred Carter, Owner’s Representative.

Advantages for The Brandermill Church: Emerald is accustomed to working in operational facilities and knows how to work safely and in a clean environment, with little disruption to our clients. Emerald met the budget and the schedule by clear communication at all times. Prior relationships with the County assisted in keeping unexpected hurdles to a minimum.